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Our Work

Survivor Care/Reintegration

The Social Cause Club is our center for vocational training, education, socialization, income generation, and job counseling. It was inaugurated on October 5, 2018 and serves as a welcome place for all past and present survivors.

Job Training and Placement
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Job Training and Placement

Technology literacy, job counseling, skill-building, and networking are core parts of the D & E program.  Survivors have found work in shops, bakeries, restaurants, and the hospitality and communications industries.  Others have completed their education and become small business owners.

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Art Therapy
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Art Therapy / Survivor Art

Art therapy assists survivors by providing an outlet to cope with negative emotions.  It is a creative tool to process trauma successfully.  See our work in  our downloadable art brochures below.

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Handicrafts Fair Trade

Handicrafts / Fair Trade Sales

To purchase items hand-made by survivors, visit fair trade store  10,000 Villages in Alexandria, Virginia or visit our online store. 100% of the profits from our sales supports survivors and their children.

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Our Life Skills Program assists survivors in developing key skills necessary for successful reintegration and a healthy life. Instruction provides both practical information and opportunities for discussion and reflection in a supportive environment. The curriculum is based on the needs of the survivors.

Some of our courses are available online here.

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“I am still fighting my battles every day, but I will never quit.”

Women’s Rights
Healthy Relationships
Reproduction and Sexual Health
Recovery and Resources
Cycle of Abuse
Financial Literacy
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Kinderhaus Child Care
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Kinderhaus Child Care Program

AAGW provides educational supplies, food, rent, and teachers’ salaries for one childcare center in Shkodra in Northern Albania serving the children of survivors, enabling parent survivors to work and support themselves

The Shkodra Kinderhaus is a place of fun and learning.  Painting, games, and songs are a part of every day. The children are introduced to pre-reading skills like numbers and letters and learn about the seasons, transportation, the importance of water, protecting the environment, and using “magic words” like please and thank you

Peer Support & Mentor Program

Peer Support & Mentor Program

The support of peers is a critical component of successful trauma recovery, empowering survivors to fight the stigma associated with sex trafficking.  We assist D & E’s mentoring program in which women who have overcome the degradation and exploitation of sex trafficking become role models to our younger members, providing ongoing support, encouragement, and hope. 

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We believe in respecting oneself and each other.

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“We are better than before.”

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Yoga Class

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