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Providing Survivors a Voice

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Empowering survivors to speak up and organize activities

Members' Statement

  1. We are not prostitutes.

  2. We deserve respect.

  3. We believe we were victims but are victims no longer.

  4. We believe in honest pay for honest work.

  5. We believe in respecting oneself and each other.

  6. We think that a person's work should be one's choice -- not enforced by threats, cruelty, or violence.

  7. We think that one's work should bring fulfillment and dignity, not the opposite.

  8. Trafficking is a total violation of human rights, a form of slavery, and completely unacceptable in the 21st century.

  9. We thank the AAGW volunteers, D&E, the Director of the Reintegration Center, the social workers, the nurses, the donors, and everyone else who has donated money, time, and effort to help us.

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Stop Trafficking Now.

“There is good in everyone; we just need to keep looking for it.  All will be well at some point. Have hope, even in the darkest time.  No matter what happens to you, it will not pull you down forever. It is just a period, and as a period it always has an end. So keep breathing, be strong, have faith, and keep going."


- A Note from a Survivor

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Poetry Club

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