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Helping Albanian Trafficking Survivors Reclaim Their Lives

Since 2003 the Association of Albanian Girls and Women (AAGW) has provided educational, emotional, and vocational support to sex trafficking survivors in Albania so they can transition successfully to independent life.

We are AAGW
The Association of Albanian Girls And Women

Celebrating Our 20th Anniversary

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We believe in a world without trafficking, exploitation, or discrimination in which everyone's rights are respected and in which men and women are free to pursue opportunities equally.

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AAGW CFC#57378

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AAGW is a proud member of the 2024-25 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)!

Our # is 57378. If you are a federal or postal employee/retiree or military service member, click here to donate through the Combined Federal Campaign donation portal. If you work in the private sector, click here.


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Dignity, Education, Hope

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