How you can Help

1. Make a financial contribution.  All contributions go directly to support victims of human trafficking.

2. Upgrade your phone and donate your used cell phone to a trafficking survivor.  Having a phone contributes to their safety and enables them to more easily access an educational app providing valuable life skills such as health/hygiene, child development, time management, and financial literacy. Visit our cell phone donation page for more information.

3. Purchase items made by the victims available on the Products section of this website.  All profits go directly to the victims.

4. Sponsor a sale of items hand-made by victims of human trafficking at your school, community organization, church, synagogue, etc.  Selling victims’ hand-made work boosts their self-esteem in addition to providing earned income for these girls and women.

5. Assist with the marketing of handicrafts viewable under the Products page of this website.

6. Share our website to inform others about AAGW and the problem of human trafficking.

7. Think of other fundraising ideas. Click here to contact us and tell us about your fundraising ideas.

Please Donate Today

AAGW is a non-profit organization and we can only survive by donations from people like you